Writing Description Essay

Writing a description essay seems to be easy from the first glance. However, this essay format has its challenges and specific features which should be considered and essay on sterotypes . Before starting to write this type of essay, you are better to look through writing tips, which can greatly ease the process of descriptive writing, which is not a cakewalk for an inexperienced student.

Description essay supposes a coherent writing with a single focus on the object to be described. If you think that descriptive writing is only about enumeration of different qualities of some object or event, you are totally wrong. Description applies great knowledge of visual presentation through language means. It is not just saying that something is beautiful but making the reader believe that it is, make one feel the beauty and experience it through reading your description.

It is not easy to achieve such a masterful language usage and a good writer is seen by its descriptive techniques. Description can be of deductive and inductive character. Starting description with a topic sentence is a deductive approach to arranging your thoughts. Inductive approach applies presentation of more specific information before generalizing it into a topic sentence. Whatever you choose, you have to remember that your description should be united by a topic sentence and no extra elements are involved. At the edition stage you can see those unnecessary things in your description. That’s why descriptive essay needs to be revised several times before submitting it.

When you start writing a descriptive essay, you will be embarrassed by the lack of words you need to describe some object. However, this is one of those essay formats, which implies the use of descriptive techniques, figurative language and all possible language means to be vivid and visual in your description. Of course, as any other essay format, descriptive essay should be void of any kind of mistakes spelling, grammar, or incoherent flow of thought and lack of unity. Your descriptive writing will be greatly undermined if an essay will have extra, unnecessary elements and even some misprints. You should be careful with every detail when writing your essay.

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