Foundations of a Mba Dissertation Proposal

Selecting A Good Theme For Your Paper

It is essential to realize that you will be required to submit a well-written dissertation at the end of the last year when doing your MBA. This is very important. Understand that flunking this single task may mean that you will not get the chance to graduate. The reason this is so is that your Mba dissertation will usually carry up to three-quarters of all the possible points you can amass in that last year.

Keeping that in mind, it should be a relief that students are given a choice to select an appropriate topic for their paper when it comes to dissertation writing. However, understand that this is in no way makes the creation of the paper easy. You have to ensure you select a theme that makes your article useful/ adds value to your studying field.

The creation of your Mba dissertation will always start with the drafting of a Mba dissertation proposal. Your proposal acts as a reference/ table of content for your Mba dissertation. We will look at some of the things you should do when looking to get a juicy topic for your Mba dissertation article. Here are some of the points to consider;

  1. Understand all the requirements your institution requires regarding writing the paper – many students usually assume they understand the parameters/conditions that their institutions need them to follow when creating a dissertation. However, this is a grave mistake. It is essential to go through the requirements to see what to do and what is forbidden by your school. This will help not only guide you when drafting the paper; it will also help you choose a topic that lies within the parameters given.
  2. Review dissertations written by former students of your university might sound corny, but it is a handy trick. Make sure to review those dissertations that got the top marks. This will give you an idea of what the paper looks like. It will also give you a hint of what the panel of professors wants a paper to be like. From here, you will be able to formulate a theme that aligns with this point of view and come up with an ideal theme.
  3. Try to understand the research that has already been done – getting to understand current knowledge will help you a lot. It will allow you to know what has already been done, which will help identify any gaps that may be there. It is these gaps that will give you an ideals topic to pursue. This will then ensure that you create a relevant paper, not something redundant.

Still, on the topic of theme selection, it is also good to remember that you do not get to use any theme even though you are responsible for selecting your topic. You will have to correspond with your supervisor, talk to them about any theme you are looking to use, and have them approve it. Your supervisor is not only charged with the task of guiding you through writing the paper, but they also have to help you select an appropriate topic for your dissertation.

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